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  • Wedding packing bag wedding accessories yt16001

    Size: Length: 155cm

    $15.00 USD
    $15.00 USD
    $15.00 USD

It's always a big problem to store and preserve wedding gowns properly either before or after the wedding ceremony. With the weight of your dress, it's impossible for you to use regular hangers, unless you're expecting an out-of-shape one afterwards.

To solve this problem, Cocomelody offer you the option of our durable garment bags. No matter how long or large your wedding dress is, we guarantee that there is plenty of room in our specially-designed garment bags for you to store regardless of layers and train.

Simply pull the zipper on, and your precious white gown is free from dirt and ash. To be specific, each of our garment bags comes with handles. In other words, it is handy for you to fold the gown properly and carry it around.

Check out Cocomelody's wedding essentials before you pace down the red carpet. We are here to impress.

For detailed tutorial on wedding dress preservationwedding dress preservation, please browse our one and only Cocomelody Magazine, where useful tips on weddings can always be found.

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