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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do I need an appointment to visit COCOMELODY, and if so, how can I make an appointment?

    We are always happy to help, and you are welcome to visit our stores. However, our showroom service is open for appointment in advance only. Appointment must be confirmed by our staff prior to your arrival. Once we receive your request, we will contact you to confirm the date and time. You are welcome to contact us in various ways to confirm an appointment; by telephone, e-mail or by filling in our appointment form on our website. We hope brides have their wedding date set before coming to try dresses on, as the date of your wedding can make a difference to when dresses are available.

  • How can I get to COCOMELODY?

    Our stores are located in Netherlands and USA. Both are very accessible by many modes of transport. There are maps and our full addresses for both stores on our website here. You may also contact us for help when trying to get to us.

  • What should I expect from my appointment?

    We offer appointment service in stores for wedding dresses only. Our appointments usually last about an hour, and we are committed to giving each bride a professional and personal consultation, in which bridal consultant will help you decide what to try on and provide you with relevant and honest advice. There is no obligation to buy a wedding dress after an appointment, however if there are timing issues with your gown or limited stock, our non-commission based consultants should advice you of this.

  • Who should I bring to my appointment?

    It is always helpful to bring someone you trust to your appointment. We advise one or two people ideally, as this makes for a relaxed but informative experience. Our store is happy for you to bring more people than this if you wish, except on weekends when we are busy and have limited room. We also advise that bringing children or pets with you on weekends can be stressful and distracting.

  • What do I need to bring to my appointment?

    We suggest you wear an unpadded nude bra and panties, this is very important as it makes a big difference to decide your dress size. If you have a particular heel height in mind, bring shoes of the same height/styles if possible. If not, we have a small selection for you to borrow.

    Pictures or names of your favorite COCOMELODY gowns are welcome. It is also useful and time-saving if you take a look at our website and make a note of the styles you like. And also keep an open mind to try some styles that we may suggest.

  • When should I order my dress?

    We have excellent tailors with first-class handcraft. We can tailor most dresses in about 45-60 calendar days. For your own benefit, we advise that you leave around 1 month for alterations. There is also the option of a “rush-order” with many of our dresses which would reduce waiting time. However, this usually incurs an extra cost. Please do not panic if you have less than 3 months before your wedding, as we have many sample gowns and stock gowns which can be bought immediately and altered to fit.

  • What is a Sample dress?

    Sample dresses are the dresses which you will try on while you are deciding what dress you want to order in our stores. Our samples are all new dresses and have never been worn outside of our stores. If a bride has limited time before their wedding, she can order sample dress, and alter it to fit. Before coming to buy a Sample or try a particular dress, please call the day before to check if it’s still in store. In our experience, buying a Sample can be a time-saving, economical option which doesn’t compromise on quality or wow-factor.

  • Do you have dresses in Stock?

    Dresses in stock are those popular styles chosen specifically by our professional designers, newly made in advance for future brides who may need dresses urgently before wedding. These dresses are all well preserved in perfect condition, non-worn, non-tried. To buy stock dress, please consult us for detail stock information. Buying a stock dress is also a time-saving, economical option without compromise on quality or wow-factor.

  • How do your dresses range in price?

    We are committed to making sure every bride, whatever the budget, should be able to find a beautiful gown in our store. To ensure this we have dresses ranging in price mainly from $99 to $399. Besides, some sample dresses can be bought at a reduced price. Accessories are additional to the price of the dress. When you visit our store, please let us know what your budget is and our consultants will advise you which dresses fall within your price range.

  • How can I pay for my dress?

    We accept full payment only. We accept payment methods like Cash, Credit card, Debit cards. And if you don’t pay directly in our stores, we also accept online payment like Bank Transfer and Paypal. Tailoring time is calculated from the day we get your full payment. We will also need to measure you and take some personal details so that we can make dress in correct size and contact you when your dress arrives.

  • What if I want to change dress style, color or size after ordering?

    Our order fulfillment and shipping systems are designed to send orders quickly and efficiently. Tailoring process begins as soon as an order has been placed, and materials cannot be reused. For any changes or cancellations, please do contact us within 3 days. Please note that corresponding change fees will be charged on changes you need. Please contact us for detail when you need changes.

  • What if I am planning on losing a lot of weight before my wedding?

    We always tailor your gown according to the size or measurements you offer when ordering. We suggest you to keep your body shape and weight unchanged, at least not change too much after ordering. Losing a lot of weight might cause fitting problem, which make you spend extra on alteration. In such case, adjustable corset back for dress is recommended as help.

  • What if your samples don’t fit me?

    We stock many sample dresses ranging in size from UK14 - UK18 with the intention that every bride is able to try on a range of dresses. However, if a dress you want to try is not in your size, our consultants will help to give you the best representation of how the dress will look on you.

  • Will my wedding dress be exactly same with the sample dress I see in your stores?

    We have over 15 years of expertise and knowledge in the bridal profession. Our dress styles and quality are definitely not changed or reduced in every tailoring. However, since tailoring handcraft and material features are slightly different by people and materials, dresses you finally get might be slightly different in detailed decorations from sample dresses in our stores. Please do understand this before order.

  • How many Fittings will I need?

    Although we make dresses according to size or measurements you offer, sometimes you may still need some alterations to make sure your gown fits absolutely perfectly. When you’re looking for a local tailor or seamstress, we recommend the following preparations:

    ·Ask your friends and colleagues for recommendations. Search the Internet for reviews. Conduct phone interviews and visit stores. Make sure that the tailor or seamstress has wedding dress expertise and that adjustments can be made without changing the basic design of the dress.

    ·Don't try to do alterations yourself. Make sure you leave enough time before your wedding for alterations. Depending on the tailor and the level of complexity, alterations can take anywhere from days to weeks, and even months. Be sure to get a few price and duration estimates well before the wedding.

    ·If you need help on finding tailors, we are happy to recommend professional tailors we know.

    The alterations are subject to an additional charge based on what you have altered. Altering Fees are paid directly to the seamstress who alters your dress. We highly recommend that you take your dress to a reputable alteration hand.

  • What happens once my dress is ready?

    Once we have had all your fittings and your dress is perfect, we will pack it carefully in our bridal bags which can be purchased separately. We will then ask you to come and collect your dress. If you are traveling, or not in convenience to come, we can also send dress to you by express under your confirmation.

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