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Our Belief
Together, we’re gonna make you the most beautiful you’ve ever felt. We have a range of dresses that are inclusive, affordable, and customizable so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

What we believe​

Our work is about more than dresses. We want to help everyone feel unique and beautiful for life’s important moments. We do it all for you, because we’re here to make sure you feel and look your best.

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How we make it happen​

We set out to create a better way for our clients to find the best dresses for them. By owning every step of the process, we provide diverse options, a cost-efficient measure-to-delivery model, and customizable choices to best suit your specific vision and needs. Our in-house designers and production team ensure each dress is customized for the client through the best shopping experience.

We built
our business
around you

We built our business around you

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    We defy the traditional industry business model by having our own production, branding, marketing, and sales channels. Traditionally, the formal dress industry is fragmented, with different players handling different steps of the process. We’ve consolidated these steps under Cocomelody to make the process easier, delivery faster, and pricing more transparent.

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    Our dresses aren’t just ready-to-wear, they are customized for you with flexible sizing and add-on services. Unlike other direct to consumer (DTC) brands, Cocomelody doesn’t just provide ready-to-wear dresses off the rack. We customize each dress to make sure it’s exactly what you’re looking for. And to top it off, our team offers direct shipping to designated locations.

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    Our extensive community of happy clients helps us keep creating newer and better designs. We’ve built a community of more than 200,000 customers to help others find the perfect dress for their special day. We are constantly using our consumers’ feedback to create updated and trendsetting designs.​ Better yet, even if you’ve already gotten one dress from us, we have a variety of styles to help dress you for any special occasion.

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We’ve got your back for your special day

As you can probably tell, we care a lot about the dress shopping experience. That’s why we instill our core values and passion into everything we do. Our team is proud of our garments, so we source the best fabrics from around the world and built a platform for designers to unleash their creativity.

We love putting ourselves in each of our clients’ shoes, and that’s what drives our service and helps make the experience unique for each customer. We believe diversity is important, so we designed our products and services to help any client feel beautiful. You deserve a team who wants to give you the best possible experience. That’s why we’re here.

Let’s partner up!

Nothing feels better than helping our clients feel beautiful. We care about diversity and providing the best, customized pieces and service for all of our clients. If you feel the same way, consider partnering with us!

When you join our partnership program, we’ll take care of logistics and the supply chain so you can focus less on business hassle and more on happy clients.

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