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  • Reliability


    COCOMELODY has over 15 years of expertise and knowledge in the bridal profession. Millions of customers have trusted COCOMELODY for the important occasions of their lives. We have tailored thousands of beautiful occasion dresses and dream wedding dresses. You can relax with the belief that COCOMELODY is always here for your service, for your happy shopping

  • Quality & Craftsmanship

    2Quality & Craftsmanship

    With exclusive designs, hand-crafted details, and exceptional fit and feel, our dedicated design and tailor teams are obsessed with creating beautiful occasion dresses and gorgeous wedding gowns for you. Our sole focus is to deliver the best quality, best fitting dresses at affordable prices

  • Value


    COCOMELODY believes that every bride should look and feel like a royal princess, regardless of her budget. From design to delivery, there is no middleman, we lead the entire process. So customers can save a lot on unnecessary expenses.

  • Personalization Service

    4Personalization Service

    Our kind professional consultants go to great lengths to help you find the perfect gown. It’s important to us that your wedding is exactly how you envisioned, so we do our best to provide considerate, personalized suggestions to every individual bride.

  • Authority


    You’ll have access to knowledgeable, experienced wedding consultants, when shopping at COCOMELODY. You’ll also benefit from our extensive website, vendor program, and behind-the-scenes resources. Nobody knows more about occasion dresses and bridal gowns than we do.

  • Amazing Customization

    6Amazing Customization

    With numerous fabric colors and dress styles, COCOMELODY has unlimited ability to personalize your events and big days. COCOMELODY can custom make dresses in the colors you like, the styles you dream of and the measurements you offer. It’s a destination of choice.

  • Fun


    COCOMELODY release you from the stress of choosing an occasion dress or wedding gown. With more experience, more stylish options, more convenient shopping process and contact, we can help create your dream day with style and ease, offer you wonderful dress-shopping experiences.

  • Attention to Details

    8Attention to Details

    From our design to our consultants, you can contact us to make sure no details are overlooked. We can help with every detail you dream about your occasion dresses or wedding gowns, even like finding perfect accessories for you to keep ready for big day.

  • Store Experience

    9Store Experience

    COCOMELODY has real stores in important countries like Europe and USA. You’ll realize how much we care about offering you high quality dresses and excellent service. The moment you walk in our stores, you’ll enjoy our very honest advices and try-on service. Our goal is to make it easy for you to find dream dress and so much more.

  • Fashion


    Our designers keep attention on world modern fashion to bring you the latest trends, while remembering the traditional elements an integrate part of this day. It’s all about finding the one perfect dress that’s right for you, keep you ahead of trends.

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