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Picked out your dream wedding gown at Cocomelody already? Don't hesitate to add other wedding essentials to your cart and save extra shipping fee!

Regarding wedding ceremony essentials, to be specific, wedding gloves, we have a dazzling selection of styles, colors and fabrics eagerly awaiting! As known to all, a pair of elegant wedding gloves will complete your look with class.

Traditionally, the length of the bridal glove was directly related to the wedding time and formality. Today, social rules and etiquette are far less-restricted than before. And whether to wear delicate bridal gloves or not is more of a reflection of the bride's personal style.

But honestly, don't you think that toasting at the reception with a pair of beautiful gloves on is quite the wedding scene? We are also open to customization. That is to say, you will be able to design your own wedding gloves.

We make it our goal to produce accordingly with the superb workmanship of our tailors. Immerse in Cocomelody's dreamful yet affordable wedding gloves and other bride essentials right away!

If you haven't got yourself an accessorizing checklist yet, click on the link and get yourself one right away. After all, accessories are everything.

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