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Collection: Glitz Beading Dresses

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"Can't wait to sparkle and steal the eyes of the crowd? Come and check out our fabulous party dresses with beading at once!

When it comes to embellishments, it's important for you to understand the beauty of details and delicacy. Ture, pearls and crystal beading dresses send out the signal of grace and magnificence naturally. However, too many sparks might be considered as grandiose, resulting in extreme importance of the beading ideas.

Cocomelody's gifted designers create our own dress beading patterns to make sure that every gown, party or prom, bridal or wedding guests style, are impressive on its own. If you're expecting compliments during your special occasion, Cocomelody's beaded prom dresses collection should be a perfect choice. Make a statement with Cocomelody selected jewelry. Try our matching accessories to find the right jewelry to complete the look. If you have any question regarding your dress, please click on the chat bubble. Our online stylists are at your service. "

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